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That’s how writer Nick Tosches described Gene Sculatti in Vanity Fair (December 2000). True enough. His various books, articles and radio programs reveal a keen, consuming interest in the expressions, tics and talk of the entertainment/media world. Because such subjects interested him, Gene pulled the public’s coat to the mystique of Ray Ban sunglasses, the appeal of Louis Prima’s lounge lifestyle, and zero-cool cars long before crowds caught on or Ford retooled the T-bird.

That same engagement with popular culture has consistently found Gene positions and assignments that allow him to model his many hats. Like copywriting, coordinating the efforts of other writers, art directors and photographers, and handling a variety of projects from conception through completion. Actually, it’s his value as an idea generator and deliverer that most distinguishes him. Which means listening to clients, taking in information and putting across creative solutions that work, whether they’re applied to advertising, music sourcing or web and print content.

Whether it’s image-building and positioning dozens of acts on Warner Bros. Records’ roster, crafting demographically sound audio channels for United Airlines or creating materials to help Barnes & Noble cross-promote across its departments, Gene brings imagination and industry to the gig.