Recording Industry

Warner Books: Following the success of the hippie-oriented Whole Earth Catalog, there was a need for a pop-culture compendium that celebrated the colorful and stylish over the practical. The Catalog of Cool touted the coolest movies, music, books, food, fashion and cars, and was packaged and delivered, camera-ready, to Warners.

Barnes & Noble: To further cross-promotion within its book and music departments, the retailer commissioned U.K. publisher Amber Books to package a series of CD-sized books, The 100 Best Selling Albums (of each decade), which could be displayed alongside CD titles; The 100 Best Selling Albums of the ’60s was produced.

St. Martin’s Press: Too Cool was packaged as the sequel to The Catalog of Cool, and a new book, San Francisco Nights: The Psychedelic Music Trip, was prepared to capitalize on the growing interest among younger audiences for information on 1960s culture.

Pocket Books: Popcorn: America’s Amazing Obsession was packaged to cater to the mid-’80s trend toward “designer” popcorn brands and upscale confection outlets.